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How to get to Rozsochatec?

Skanzen Betlém, Hlinsko

Devět skal, nejvyšší bod Žďárských vrchů

Pohled na Čachotín, okolí Rozsochatce

About Rozsochatec and its surroundings

The first mention about Rozsochatec is from 1283 when this village belonged to the castle of Ronovec which was erected in the place of an older wooden castle by Smil of Lichteburk. In the year 1314 the family of Lichtenburk exchanged Ronovec for Poděbrady castle with the king´s blessings and Ronovec became the property of Lipá´s family. During the hussite wars this fortified settlement became vacant and was run down. Excavations uncovered a double canal watered by a small pond  with a dam which can still be seen at the foot of the hill. Remnants of the fortifications are still seen in the terrain as well as towery building of a square base. Archeological findings can be seen at the chateau of Dolní Krupá.

There still exists tales of a treasure hidden at Ronovec chateau. The latter was built by Zikmund Haugvic of Dobřenice after the year 1584. At 1615 Rozsochatec was bought by Bechyně from Lažany. At that time it was a two storey building with vaulted ceilings on the ground floor. Beautiful remnants of this renaissance fort are at present time the representative areas of the boarding house. In the place of present day "vine-bar" there probably was a chapel with four squares of cloister vault sloped down to one single post.

To the old part of today´s chateau was added – during the years of 1719-49 – a baroque one storey wing topped by a tower clock. Franz Leopold Bechyně, district executive of Čáslav county, entrusted Jan Blažej Santini in year 1714 to build a chapel of  St. Trinity but it wasn´t realised. At Christmas of 1873 the chateau burnt down and it wasn´t completely rebuilt until the end of the19th century by a new owner JUDr. Otto Mettal, who bought it in the year 1892. The chapel in the old chateau was not reconstructed. The altar stone is situated now by the sculpture of St. John of Nepomuk (1714) at the edge of Rozsochatec pond.

From the year 1921 the chateau was owned by the daughter of Mr. Mettal, Mrs. Marie Greifová, until it was confiscated by the Communist State in 1948. The properties in run down condition were restituted by her son, Jan Greif and is held by his family until now. Large reconstructions gradually changed the old chateau in today´s boarding house. In chateau´s park there are two big bushes of yew with approximate age of 900-1000 years.

10.01.2014, Petra Greifová

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